What Do Polish Women Look Like?

Polish women can charm any man from first sight: these ladies are stunning. They get attention from men worldwide not only because of their natural beauty but charisma. Polish facial features are some of the softest. Local girls are known to have fair skin, blue eyes, and sweet smiles. They look like goddesses, so it is not surprising why so many men worldwide dream of marrying a pretty Polish woman.

Just take a look at some famous Polish women like Anja Rubik, Joanna Krupa, and Magdalena Frąckowiak. These girls represent real Poland beauty that can not be compared with other countries. A typical Polish woman usually looks younger than her Western peers. Thanks to satin skin and the knowledge of beauty secrets, local females stay younger and look prettier than many brides in the US.

It is not a surprise that so many foreigners get amazed by Polish appearance. It can be not easy to find a female of such a pretty and pure appearance in the West. This is why there is such a significant interest in local girls on international mail order bride sites. Keep reading the article to find out what do Polish girls look like, what their main features are and what kind of personalities they have.

Polish Women

What Are The Characteristics Of A Polish Woman?

Polish genetic traits undoubtedly make them some of the most attractive brides on the planet. Those guys who prefer Slavic ladies with fair skin, light-colored eyes, and sweet smiles will undoubtedly find perfect matches in Poland. It is not only the natural beauty of Polish women that makes them so appealing to American men. From this part of the article, you will learn what characteristics charming brides from Poland have.


Poland beautiful women are confident about their fabulous looks. They carry themselves like true ladies and get a lot of attention from single Westerners. A confident bride knows she is worthy, which many men find a sexy trait.


Even though local brides are called European, they have a pretty conservative view of a family. These women dream of a happy and long-lasting marriage. Typical Polish women want to get married before thirty and have children. They put family before friends and careers.


Beautiful Polish women make the best girlfriends as they are romantic. They enjoy date nights, holding hands, and cuddling. A bride from this country needs a man who would give her love and be affectionate. Looking for partners on international dating sites is one of the reasons why local females do not want to be with local guys. Polish men tend to be reserved and not passionate.

Polish facial features

Polish Women Personality

Polish people features include being warm-hearted, hospitable, compassionate, and hard-working. The same can be said about good-looking brides. Local ladies make good friends and life partners because they are caring. They become some of the best wives and mothers. They work hard and want to provide for themselves until men come into their lives and want to take care of them. A local girl never relies on her partner. She wants to build a career and wants to be successful. Once she gets married, she focuses on her family and spends less time at work.

Physical Characteristics Of Polish Females

A typical Polish woman look like a model. Brides from this country have a fantastic appearance that charms men from the West. The main physical characteristics of Polish people include average height (an average Polish woman is about 5.2-5,5 inches tall), blue or gray eyes, lighted colored hair, fair skin, and well-built bodies. You will unlikely see an overweight lady in Poland. In this country, girls understand that looks play a significant role when looking for love. Therefore, local females follow a diet and stay active to be in the best shape possible.

On top of the attractive physical characteristics that mother nature gifted beautiful women from Poland, local females put much effort into looking pretty. Polish chicks spend a lot of time in beauty salons having various procedures to look young and stunning. They always have their nails and hair perfectly done. They have a good sense of style and choose feminine and elegant clothes. Thanks to a typical Polish woman body that is slender, fit, and curved, any clothes would look good on it.

If you ever visit Poland, you will see gorgeous Polish women wearing dresses, tight jeans, and high heels. Now you must have a better understanding of why pretty Polish women impress foreign guys and get a lot of attention not only on the streets but on dating websites.

Average Polish women look different from average American brides. These girls are more feminine, have softer facial features, and come across as true females, which includes perfectly done nails, hair, makeup, elegant clothes, and charming perfume.

If we talk about Polish traits physical, then it would be light brown shiny long hair. But if we talk about personality traits, it would be devoted to family. Polish woman face features are lovely and appeal to many foreigners, but if you choose a bride for marriage, you should look deeper. Poland chicks make excellent wives because they value and respect their partners. They put family as a priority and care for their loved ones.

Polish beautiful women

Polish Facial Features

Polish face features are similar to Slavic people’s facial features. Foreign men find such facial features soft and attractive. Brides with delicate facial features (an average Polish face is more oval than round) tend to get the most attention. Men find such ladies elegant and sexy. Review the table below and discover Polish face features:

eyes Many men wonder what do Polish eyes look like? Local females have round eyes of green, gray or blue color.
nose Polish facial features nose is straight or snub that compliments the beautiful face of local females
lips Polish features include pretty and delicate lips.
chin The chin can be round or pointy.
cheeks They have high cheekbones.

So now you have a better idea of what does a Polish nose look like, what face and eyes shape these ladies have. It can be pretty tricky to picture a woman by reading the description of her look. The best way to find out what are Polish women like is to head to dating websites and review profiles of single brides from this part of the world who look for foreign husbands online.

Feminine Polish Women Style

When men ask what do Polish women look like, the correct answer would is that they look feminine. As already mentioned in the article, local females choose elegant styles. They like to wear dresses and high heels, which is one of the most attractive looks for most men. Polish women hair is magnificent. Usually, girls wear it down and have minimum makeup, which highlights their pure beauty. Regardless of the occasion, Polish women style underlines their astonishing bodies and great sense of fashion.

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What Are Common Features of Polish Woman?

Curvy all natural Polish woman are of average height and have lovely figures. A Polish woman face is usually oval, the nose is straight, and the eyes are round of light color. Most Polish ladies have soft and shiny hair.

How to Spot a Polish Woman?

When foreigners ask how to spot a Polish woman the best answer would be you will spot a Polish beauty by her sexy stroll and elegant style. Local chicks look more feminine than European and American brides. These females want to look like models everywhere they go, so if you see a girl wearing high heels in the airport, there is a high chance she is from Poland.