Japanese Woman in Love: Marriage as a Jackpot

Japan is still a mystery full of contrasts and old traditions in the background of high techs and fast-paced progress. Still, not culture, but a Japanese woman is quite a puzzle. Oriental ladies look so tenderly and innocent, hiding passion and strong characters deeply in their hearts. No wonder western males are crazy about beautiful Japanese women and obsessed with the idea of marrying Japanese wives.

Is it possible? Or oriental girls will stay a phantom dream forever. Actually, Japanese mail order wife are easily accessible if you know the ropes. Hence, the following review reveals how to find Japanese singles and approach Japanese ladies.

Why Are Japanese Singles So Irresistible?

Oriental girls have long black hair and beautiful face lines. Still, their beauty is not only a gift of nature. Oriental females are fond of healthy nutrition, exercising, sports activities, and skincare. They try to keep a balance between the body and face. Since large eyes are one of the beauty standards in Japan, many girls put on contact lenses. Besides, local brides often smile because they believe that they look more beautiful when smiling. That’s why they keep smiling even when having a rough time.

Interestingly, they don’t pay much attention to fashion but prefer casual and sports clothing. However, they they put a sharp focus on shoes, wearing famous brands’ trainers or sandals. Besides, they do the makeup correctly, avoiding cutting corners. The main goal on their way to perfection is to look childish and immature.

Suppose you ask men about the reasons for their attraction. In that case, they will say that men love locals because of their open mindset about everything around Japanese beauties.

Japanese brides

Key Characteristic Features

Which characteristics of Japanese woman make them so desirable?

  • Japanese brides have a core of themselves and clear targets. That’s why they are not picky or lazy but work hard to make their lives comfortable and close people happier. They have a sense of who they are.
  • Japanese brides are soft-spoken, considerate, and compassionate for other people, trying to understand their issues and support them. However, it doesn’t mean submissiveness, as some guys might think.
  • They are confident but not snobby. Japanese brides’ confidence shines through to the outside, making girls even more attractive.
  • Japanese brides are highly organized and can hardly be spontaneous. They used to schedule their workspaces, workdays, weekends, parties, etc. In this way, they manage their time and feel more independent.

Of course, many ladies have deviated from old-school cultural norms. Still, a core set of traits remains in their minds and hearts.

Best Spots to Find Japanese Women Looking for American Men

Are Japanese women looking for American men right in the corner? Not likely. You need to make an effort to find your oriental treasure. Are you going to visit Japan? Lucky you! Then, welcome to Tokyo and Osaka – two capitals of brides. Still, smaller locations are recommended if you like shy and traditional girls.

When you make offline acquaintances, lots of time is required to meet Japanese women. The fact is that many Japanse brides socialize with foreigners for new experiences, language exchange, or networking. Moreover, they’d never admit to it publicly. Hence, unclear intentions might seem challenging and inconvenient to budget and time-limited men.

Online Dating Benefits

Virtual dating sites is the best solution. With thousands of Japanese matches every day, you’ll get tons of opportunities to find a relevant bride. Online chatting doesn’t need much money. Besides, you have control and the necessary tools to look at your potential Japanese bride closer and more attentively. Messaging, voice calls, video dates, forums, group chat rooms create a safe and comfortable environment to enjoy meaningful conversation before your final decision.

Dating Japanese Woman: Learn about Dating Etiquette

Men often get questions about dating Japanese woman. So, you’ll learn about some tips and tricks to make your next date perfect:

  • “Ladies first” is the main rule. It means opening the door to let your bride enter first, holding open doors for her, and walking on the side of the road. In other words, just be a classic gentleman. This behavior is not common for local guys, putting a western man in an attractive position.
  • Girlfriends have something totally the same with their boyfriends when they go out. This is not ridiculous but a very important gesture for them.
  • Do you need more brownie points? Be decisive when going to the restaurant, picture galley, mall, etc. Show that you know what you really want when making fast and reasonable decisions.
  • Cleanliness is among the top priorities in oriental culture. A man should be clean, shaved, well-dressed, and have no odors. Don’t abuse perfumes!

What is about love? Generally, Japanese brides are commitment-oriented. However, they are slightly afraid of serious relationships. The problem is that women feel it challenging to come back to work and career after marriage and pregnancy. A young mother often becomes a persona non grata in the company Japanese mail order bride has previously worked. Hence, you should persuade your bride and explain other realities.

Japanese Mail Order Wives in Marriage

They are caring for their husbands, doing a lot for them. When Japanese mail order wives are outside, they look sharp and confident. Still, they are genuine in a private mode, doing things properly at home. Oriental cuties have this extraordinary way of combining kindness with self-confidence.

Japanese brides grow up taught not to judge, compare people, and talk bad about others. That’s why they are always welcoming, polite, and hospitable, shining at the various charity, business, or social events. So, if you are a public person, a Japanese wife will adorn your activities. And this is not about submission. Making their men look better has been a part of traditional Japanese culture since ancient times.

Find Japanese Women

Top Don’ts to Avoid

Uniqueness, creativity, and authenticity are keys to successful relationships with hot Japanese women. Local cuties are tired of their male compatriots’ patriarchal stereotypes, bad manners, and egocentric attitudes. That’s why you should never mimic Asians. What else?

  • Don’t be moody, but high spirit and enthusiasm are welcoming.
  • Don’t brag about your money. If you do, a Japanese bride will think you want to lock her in a “golden cage.”
  • Don’t tell her you’re not going to marry. Marriage and family are important for Japanese singles.
  • Don’t say you’re vegan. Eating meat looks manly and appealing to girls.
  • Don’t complain about loneliness. Japanese brides value men with many friends.
  • Don’t be greedy but pay for dinner and present your cuties with sweets, flowers, and accessories.
  • No facial hair! Local brides are very squeamish.
  • Don’t ignore your girlfriend’s feelings and mood. However, just a simple “Are you okay?” question is enough.
  • Don’t be too focused on clothes. Actually, a Japanese single woman will expect you to spend on outfits no more than $90 per month.

Although the list is long, everything is a breeze to put into practice if you really want to meet Japanese girls.

Is Japanese Bride Right for You?

Most men would like to buy a mail-order bride from Japan. Japanese women for marriage are iconic personalities in fashion, movies, and world culture, having outstanding and controversial characters, manners, and values. Their caring nature coexists harmoniously with great core strength and magnetizes males. Still, is a Japanese woman a perfect choice for you? Understanding her culture and your readiness to take your future wife as Japanese girl comes will let you know the answer.


How Old is an Average Japanese Woman When She Gets Married?

Modern trends result in later marriages because of almost 24/7 business and inadequate housing due to overpopulation. That’s why brides usually turn into wives in their early 30s. However, the situation might be slightly different in rural areas than in metropolises. Besides, a lonely Japanese woman seeking a foreign fiancé is willing to tie the knot at an earlier age.

How Should You Treat Women from Japan?

Respectiveness and politeness are your first steps towards success. Your masculinity should never be the reason for rudeness or harassment. At the same time, fetishizing is also a great mistake if you need a bride for relationships rather than creepy kinks. A Japanese bride seeks an equal partner to share her love, lifestyle, and interests. A woman will join your culture if you show a real interest in her language, traditions, and values.

Where Can You Meet Japanese Mail Order Brides to Marry?

You can meet relevant girls in Japan, but significant investments may follow your quest. Besides, large cities are overcrowded with females. You need a huge amount of time to meet someone special. Yet, many Japanese women looking for love live in the USA, Great Britain, and Europe. So, it’s possible to find Japanese women via your relatives, friends, co-workers, and other mutual acquaintance. Internet dating is the third method popular worldwide. Thus, sign up for a dating site or an online matchmaking agency to find a wife for sale.

Are Japanese Women Really Open to Western Guys?

Oriental brides are loyal and connective when speaking about international relationships. The point is that class hierarchy still matters in Japan. Women don’t like to be underestimated and see an equal partnership with more liberal societies to unleash their creative, academic, or business potential. Besides, many oriental females believe that “half Japanese looking” girls are the most beautiful and are open to mixed marriages, trying to join the non-Asian culture.

How Long Should You Wait Until the Girl is Ready for Intimacy?

Everything depends on the situation. If you date oriental ex-pats, they will likely follow western behavioral patterns. For example, Asian singles in the USA or Europe are more sexually deliberated than their siblings from Japan. In any case, women looking for American men expect men to hold their hands, touch, and kiss them to see the interest and understand the prospects. Japanese mail order brides are romantic. However, they are not reserved but open-minded in intimacy.

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