Phenomenon of Mail Order Brides in Detail

Want to meet Slavic, Latin, or Asian mail order women? Want to learn more about the top websites for mail-order brides? Or perhaps you simply want to know if it’s feasible to locate your soul mate through a mail order woman service. Learn all there is to know about a foreign mail order bride by reading this! Mail order woman agencies offer a unique experience that encompasses the creation of a happy international couple.

❤️ Success Rate65%
💔 Divorce rate35%
💰 Average cost$25,000
💳 Credit cost$0.5/ credit
👰 How many women become


mail order wives?


Who Are Mail Order Women in the Modern World?

Mail order brides are foreign women who try to find happiness abroad. Mail order women use special dating services which allow them to safely and reliably establish contact with men, which are also present on the website. The popularity of this industry is because women do not feel mail order women can start dating a good man on their own. There are many examples of abusive attitudes towards women, and local men don’t understand what local women want. This is why there has been such a surge in the popularity of mail order woman services.

Mail order bride is a woman who has traditionally been the subject of international matchmaking agencies.

How is it different from the usual wedding with a foreign woman? Mail order bride administrators closely monitor the couple’s reunion process. Mail order women don’t break personal boundaries, but mail order brides help you find ways to reunite and if you want to continue living together. You can always be consulted on certain matters and there will be no secrets in front of you.

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Most Popular Brides and Statistic of Marriages on Mail Order Women

  • The data indicate that Asian mail order woman are the most popular. A man’s dream is to have a wife who wants to please him, appreciates his love, and treasures his efforts to create a home. Men find all of these things in Asian culture. You will hear men call these values “traditional values,” because once upon a time that was what brought families together.
  • Statistics on Latin women show that mail order brides are quick to marry and are successful as well.
  • As for Russian mail order women, the numbers are not so high, but the marriages between Russian brides and foreign men are still very popular.
  • The situation is similar for Ukrainian women as well. Mail order women are more likely to choose foreigners from the former USSR countries over other husbands, but this is only because of the language factor. Provided she knows English, a Ukrainian woman will search for a husband in the US or the UK.
  • European women are more likely to marry foreigners, and the number is growing gradually.

Successful Stories of Foreign Mail Order Women and Men

Our first example from Joan shows us a common successful conclusion to a foreign marriage. The guy in the story didn’t have the looks of a typical macho, yet he decided to try mail order bride services. Soon the influence of his bride made him look shiny and stylish. Mail order brides even created a business together, which got them to new heights. This story concludes with a couple having a baby woman. A child is a beginning to even more happiness, don’t you think?

There is yet another example, but this time it’s about a Ukrainian mail order bride. A man got disappointed in marriage and got a divorce. Soon enough, he went on a mail order woman tour, which led him into meeting a nice woman from Ukraine. Mail order women have been married for a total of fifteen years, and mail order brides have three good kids. This is an example of mail order marriages end up creating harmony within a cluster of differences.

Success Story #1 Image
Gregory DateUkrainianGirl logo

Gregory had been using a dating app for a while, but he hadn't had much luck. He was about to delete his account when he saw Elena's profile. She was beautiful and seemed like she had a lot to offer. They started messaging and it didn't take long for them to hit it off. They soon arranged to meet in person and they hit it off even better in person. They started dating and things quickly got serious. Elena introduced Gregory to her family and they welcomed him with open arms. It wasn't long before Gregory knew that Elena was the one for him. He proposed and she said yes! They were married shortly after and they were happier than they ever could have imagined.

Success Story #2 Image
Nick FindEuropeanBeauty logo

Nick had just turned 40, and he was feeling a bit lonely. He had been married once, but it hadn't worked out, and he was now single. He decided to try online dating, and after a few weeks of browsing, he found Lizy. She was 20 years old, and she seemed like a kind person. They started talking on the phone, and soon they were texting all the time. Nick felt like he had finally found someone special. One day, Nick asked Lizy to come over to his house for dinner. She agreed, and they made plans for the following week. When she arrived, Nick could tell that she was nervous. But when they sat down at the table together and started talking, they both felt comfortable very quickly. They laughed and talked about their lives until late into the night. It was clear that they were falling in love with each other.

Mail Order Marriages After the Wedding

Intercultural differences are already felt during short holidays in countries where the roles of women and men are perceived differently. Scandinavian countries are considered “feminist” countries. Mail order women and men have equal rights, responsibilities, and opportunities there, and the relationship is of a partnership nature. It tends to blur the differences between the sexes. This way of thinking is associated with great social freedom, tolerance, and sexual freedom. At the same time, countries with gender equality are considered more law-abiding and safe.

International couples are contributors to a huge birth rate, meaning mail order brides can last for a long time, and it’s a common thing. Indeed, it is hard for a couple to face the differences in upbringing, traditions, habits, etc., but marriages with mail order girlfriends exist on a basis that both partners know what to expect.

About Legality of Mail Order Spouses

Some people question the legality of buying legitimate mail order women. As we mentioned, you are technically not buying a bride, so it is not considered to be a type of slavery or sugar courting. This is a foreign woman you want to marry, so you have to act so. Most countries have nothing against establishing marriage between two people from different countries. Granted, there is paperwork involved, but as long as you are law-abiding citizens, you have nothing to fear of.

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Why Real Mail Order Women Service is Easy and Worth Trying

Are mail order women sites worth your time? We are 100% sure about that. Consider the following scenario: You are at home, not required to leave, searching for a date, discovering that you have little in common, and wasting the entire day. As an alternative, you just access your account, utilize a straightforward search filter or matching tool, and discover a fantastic date!

Or you could just talk to mail order women on your list of favorites. You have access to a vast array of mail-order bride services, including videoconferencing, voice conversations, chatrooms, private chat rooms, and even the setting up of actual dates! Those are some of the many options. Let’s take a look at the whole picture below.

  • Find Real Mail Order Women Outside Common Route. We’d like to believe in romance movies, but meeting someone in the morning in the subway, barely awake, with your head in a book or immersed in your smartphone, turns out to be more complicated than expected. This is one of the great advantages of dating apps: you meet people outside of your daily commute, who you would probably never have seen.
  • Crossing the Virtual Border With Reliable Mail Order Website. With dating apps, you won’t have to procrastinate for 30min with “will I approach her or not?”. The shyest people who don’t dare to go and see the person who makes them fall in love with seeing things made easier: it is much easier to seduce someone behind a small screen and to get to know him or her little by little.
  • Finding Mail Order Women Online With Same Goals. Many dating sites allow you to add a short description to your profile, especially about the relationship you are looking for. This allows you to quickly identify who you are dealing with and what he or she is looking for, to avoid any misunderstanding. The chances of meeting someone on the same wavelength, or at least who shares your vision of the ideal relationship, are multiplied.
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How to Find Reliable Mail Order Brides Sites with Real Women

How do you select which relationship app is the best when there are numerous options for dating sites and applications? This guide is intended to assist you in choosing a site properly, regardless of whether it is your first time looking for a bride or not.

End Goal to Get Best Mail Order Women Online

The first thing you need to think about when choosing your online dating platform is your end goal. What relationship(s) do you want to get out of? Are you looking for a mature, long-term relationship that results in marriage? Maybe you’re looking for something more casual without those high expectations. Either way, there are appropriate dating sites for you.

It’s important to choose accordingly to save yourself and mail order women frustration. Try to imagine the partner you would like to find through your online dating experience. Then ask yourself if this person would use the site you want to join.

Investment for Legit Mail Order Brides

The amount of time and money you want to invest in online dating is directly related to the type of relationship you are looking for. Looking for a long-term relationship may mean taking the time to answer a few hundred survey questions and filling out your profile.

It may also mean spending money on site membership. Think of it this way, if you’re looking for a mail order woman who also wants to put in the effort necessary for a long-term relationship, shouldn’t mail order brides put some effort into their profile? Of course, there are exceptions to the rule, and maybe you’ll meet your spouse on Tinder if you’re one of the app’s 26 million daily matches.

Using Experience On Foreign Mail Order Women

Don’t let history repeat itself. If you’ve tried online dating before and you’re not happy with the results, learn from your past mistakes. Chances are, you’ve been on the wrong site. Maybe you spent a lot of time filling out a profile and taking a nice picture on a free dating platform and ended up having countless unsuccessful dates.

Looking for a site that focuses less on physical appearance and more on chemistry? Instead of Tinder or Badoo, try eHarmony or EasternHoneys. Perhaps you found that the majority of the site’s members weren’t looking for anything serious while you were. If this sounds like your experience, don’t go back to that same website unless your end goal has changed.

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Mail Order Bride and Age Factor

Your age can play a huge role in your online dating success. Don’t get us wrong, regardless of your age, you can find what you’re looking for as long as you use the right platform. For example, singles over the age of 30 generally don’t get the results mail order brides want on common sites. Men and women over 50 also have online dating options that cater specifically to their age group.

Mail Order Wife and Lifestyle

There is a long list of dating sites tailored to specific lifestyles. We would go so far as to say that Tinder is a lifestyle-specific dating app since busy millennials make up 19% of its 50 million users. This is where you may have to stop and imagine the type of mail order woman you’re looking for. Do you want someone so busy that mail order brides can’t fill out a profile all the way? Do you want someone who aligns with your religious beliefs? Would you prefer someone who settles down or goes to the club every Friday night?

Concluding on Mail Order Women Services

The key to choosing a dating site that is right for you is to determine what you want from the experience. A fun night out a few times a month or a lifetime commitment? It’s important to determine what you value in a partner and choose a dating site accordingly.

If you want a mail order woman who is looking for something serious, we suggest you choose something other than Tinder and Badoo. Maybe you’re looking for someone who, like you, is over 50, or someone willing to take the time to answer a 400 question survey on eHarmony. Don’t be afraid to try something new. If a site isn’t working for you, don’t settle. Move on to something that fits your lifestyle and standards. Try to find a dating site that is as compatible with you as you want it to be.

How Much Does It Cost to Get Mail Order Women

Don’t look at mail order brides as women you can just buy to get the right to them. Mail order women are people just like you, and your costs are not for her but for the journey you have to go through to meet this bride. The prices depend on the country you are going to and whether you know the bride’s language, because you may need an interpreter.

The True Price on Mail Order Women Websites

Your costs start the moment you register on the site. That’s right, quality service costs money, and it’s very difficult to set up such a system on a free basis. Furthermore, you want to thank the woman you love, so you can send her a gift through the mail order woman service. On average, a monthly subscription to such sites can cost $40 a month, and gifts range from $100 to $300.

Therefore, you can spend around $350 for your online meeting.

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Mail Order Women Cost: Offline Expenses

So, you have started a conversation with a mail order bride and feel sympathy for each other. What should you do next? Next, you need to arrange with the bride about her free schedule so that you can come to her and get to know her better. This is where your main expenses will come in. Let’s go over the main worrying points:

  • Travel expenses $800
  • Relocation expenses $3,000
  • Wedding expenses $20,000
  • Gifts $1,000
  • Restaurants $600
  • Interpreter $1,500

The overall mail order brides cost is $27,000.

Mail Order Wives Pricing in Different Popular Regions of Brides

The price tag is not small, but there are a lot of nuances. Maybe your future wife doesn’t want a wedding, and the legal aspect will be enough for her. Perhaps you will find a bride in a country where you will have minimal costs for housing and food. It is difficult to calculate the approximate sum here, but our result is based on the most popular countries. Is it worth it? It’s up to you. We see good value for money as we’re talking about an opportunity of a lifetime. Let’s take a look at the most notable countries where you can get mail order brides.

 🛫 Plane Tickets🍲 Food🏩 4* Hotel (for 2 weeks)🎁 Gifts and Entertainment👰 Wedding
Asian Brides$600$450$550$600$12,000
Russian Brides$500$200$500$700$7,000
Latin Brides$450$225$500$300$10,000
European Brides$350$600$1,750$500$15,000

Questionnaires of 3 Mail Order Women

To get the best knowledge of what mail order women desire, we’ve contacted several of them. Mail order women were more than eager to share their life experience, frustrations, and preferences. Those women differ in their views, yet mail order brides all seek to become the brides of an amazing husband.

Not every mail order woman is the same, but their tastes match in many ways, and you can sort it as an archetype. Those women are a bit different from what you’ve experienced before. Mail order women feel tired from unfulfilled desires within past partners just as you are. Understanding is the word of the day, and you can start by taking a peek at their genuine answers to posed questions.

Why Do You Look For Men on Dating Sites?

  • Rose: I am a workaholic and want to have mobility whilst using a quality site that can give me many options in dating. I don’t have to detach from my duties as much, and I can give my man online all the attention he needs.
  • Maria: I got disappointed in Russian men. Mail order women don’t value you and see women as a pretty gem or a trophy. I started using an online dating site as I heard that mail order women services connect strong couples, and men show at least a modicum of interest.
  • Tina: Because finding a fine man offline is so much harder. You either get approached but are vulgar, or he lies to you about being single. Nothing disappoints me more than finding out I was unintentionally ruining another couple. I am using online dating services for truthfulness.
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From What Country Are You Looking for Men?

  • Rose: I am particularly interested in men from the USA. I don’t have close people in my country, so it’s easy for me to go abroad with a person I love and start anew. We all need second chances here, and you can’t live on as a single woman.
  • Maria: Canada is my way to go. I just know that men from there are the cutest and kindest gentlemen that I’ve ever seen. My kind of mail order women doesn’t look for an apologetic husband. I want an emotional spectrum from a male without him hiding thoughts in any capacity.
  • Tina: I am interested in the United Kingdom. This place screams “variability”. It’s a union of several countries, and you never know what kind of man you meet. Some see it as a negative, but I know that I will find someone good via an online site.

What Type of Men Are You Into?

  • Rose: Mail order women like me need a strong shoulder to lean on. There are obstacles in my life that make me feel small and overwhelmed. We make it in this world by supporting each other, and that’s exactly what I want in a relationship.
  • Maria: I love it when a man looks all mighty and unapproachable, but in the end, mail order brides turn out to be the most charming husbands. It might be hard for them to communicate, but I know that mail order brides are trying, and they care about me, so it’s all that matters.
  • Tina: I am into intelligent men. No, mail order brides don’t need to have 200 IQ or create a quiz show for me. I am rather looking for a man who doesn’t act rushed and can take their time to take the next action. Life is about having inner control.

What Age of Men Are You Looking For?

  • Tina: I am looking for someone at the age of 33. It’s a perfect number for me in a way that he went through many life experiences, and he is ready to experience some more with me. Everybody has room for improvement, but I just see that after the age of 30 men’s actions are far more outstanding.
  • Rose: Personally, age doesn’t matter here. It’s a criterion most unimportant to me as you can find a mature man with amazing character or young men who act impulsively and unreliably. I am looking at who this man came to be and what he can give me, and age is irrelevant.
  • Maria: Actually, I am looking for someone mature like 55-60 years old. I am a mail order woman who knows little about love, and I want to see a husband who knows more and who can base his decisions upon years of life experience. Nobody knows how to act right in many situations, but age is an indicator of decisiveness.
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What Is Your Perfect Dating Site?

  • Rose: La Date is my way to go. I enjoy it because of the options available there. I am not pressured to talk to someone, and I can take my time here. There are so many different profiles here with personal stories to share. I know that I will find my husband here.
  • Maria: RussianCupid is an outstanding site. Naturally, I am using it because my current country is Russia. I feel like the site was created for mail order women like me. The design is easy to master, and I find it comfortable even when using the mobile version. This is a sanctuary for Russian-speaking women, and I am waiting for my station of happiness.
  • Tina: I prefer eHarmony. I enjoy the test mail order brides created to improve matchmaking. The site is oozing with comfort, and I like using it constantly. It feels like a second home to me. Of course, I have things to do in real life, but finding a special somebody is my number one priority.

Do Mail Order Bride Sites Differ From the Mail Order Industry?

Yes, there is a basic difference between mail order brides and regular dating. Simple online dating is less serious and organized. Here everything depends on the interest of the other person, and you are not saved from cases when a woman wants to simply use you or have fun at your expense.

On the contrary, the mail order woman industry is built upon credibility, legality, and family values. Women’ accounts are analyzed, and women are consulted about their goals. Everything is organized to bring together a couple where both people are committed to something long-term. It’s not 100% guaranteed, but the important factor here is that people are serious about trying the experience.

How to Get a Mail Order Woman to Your Country?

Most likely, your future wife will be delighted to wed you in the USA. However, it is not so simple because visitors from other countries cannot immediately apply to become citizens of the USA. A competent mail order bride organization may assist you in finding a wife, but it is limited in its ability to assist with paperwork.

Your wife has to apply for a K-1 visa to settle in the USA. This particular visa is intended for those who wish to wed Americans. 90 days after your partner has requested a visa is when you should be married. A K-1 visa might cost anywhere between $900 and $2200.

As you can see, it’s simple and affordable to find a mail-order wife. After completing the aforementioned procedures, you may use any online wife finder to quickly locate your ideal match.

Make sure to watch the video to learn more about the particularities of online dating in 2023:

Conclusion on Dating Mail Order Women

Today, there are thousands of dating sites with lots of users. Online dating has exploded in appeal in recent years. We think that we joined the mail-order bride services bandwagon during the height of its craze. And we can assure you that dating will continue to get better every single year. We’ve heard that some prestigious websites want to use augmented reality technology. Indeed, the era of miracles is upon us!